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Sera Nano 130

130 liters
Size (in cm) 51 x 58 x 50
Volume 130 liters
Method DSR EZ
Food Momenteel geen
Skimmer Aanwezig
Wavemakers Wave Maker 6000 Blue Marine
Lighting Standaard LED Nano 130


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DSR EZ Carbon Scheme

Based on a 130 liters aquarium

D11.3 ml/day
D21.56 ml/day
D31.87 ml/day
D42.25 ml/day
D52.6 ml/day
D63.12 ml/day
D73.74 ml/day
D84.49 ml/day
D95.39 ml/day
D106.47 ml/day
D117.76 ml/day
D129.32 ml/day
D1311.18 ml/day
D1413.42 ml/day
D1516.1 ml/day

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