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Mixed reef

430 liters
MethodDSR EZ
FoodFrozen clams, frozen artemia,spirulina flakes, marine pellets
SkimmerAqua one 600
WavemakersJebao rw-8, greech cw120 2x
Powerfilter3000l return pump sicce
Lighting80w ati blue, 80w ati actinic,custom 60x3w blue, white led
MediareactorYes and no depends on nitrate levels
DosingpumpJebao 5x
WaterchangesNever or every 3-4 months 5%


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DSR EZ Carbon Table

Based on a 430 liter aquarium

D14.3 ml/day
D25.16 ml/day
D36.19 ml/day
D47.43 ml/day
D58.6 ml/day
D610.32 ml/day
D712.38 ml/day
D814.86 ml/day
D917.83 ml/day
D1021.4 ml/day
D1125.68 ml/day
D1230.82 ml/day
D1336.98 ml/day
D1444.37 ml/day
D1553.25 ml/day