28 February 2021
  • Code changes in backend, road to PHP8
27 February 2021
  • Users cleanup, all users inactive for 1+ year are disabled
  • Added DSR EZ2Go as a method
  • Users cleanup, all users without aquariums have been removed
  • Added specified error messages on login.
7 October 2020
  • Added Auto corrections calculator to non-EZ users profiles
  • Added fish overview to aquarium profile
5 October 2020
  • Bugfix on displaying the wrong Carbon EZ date at dosings.
14 September 2020
  • PPM / Rev PPM calculator corrected values, based on latest DSR PPM Calculator
  • Small menu overhaul (added an extra Facebook link to the top)
13 September 2020
  • Users can now change their password in their profile
  • Text changes on aquarium profile (bugfixes)
  • Bugfix on displaying corrections on wrong date (Aquarium profile measurements)
  • Added units to ml/gr conversion on aquarium profile corrections table
3 September 2020
  • Added the DSR Reverse PPM Calculator to aquariumprofile and EZ Calculator (PPM units are now displayed)
11 August 2020
  • Added a public changelog
  • Added units to dosings (EZ) and corrections
2 February 2020
  • Changed Hanna converter into Testkit converter, this can now convert readings for both Hanna and Salifert testkits
  • Added personal notes to aquarium profile page